Frequently Asked Questions

How Brave is Mave?

When setting up, do I need to always use the same two building cards?

No, as long as one of the building cards has grass on it, you can use any other card as the second card. You can also position them under the barn however you like as long as there is one grass patch for Mave to rest in front of the door of the barn.

Do I have to play off the edge of the table?

No, you can play off the edge of any surface as long as there is enough height under the path for the cards to hang. For example, the box of the game can be used. As long as there is a flat surface and the base and barn can rest on the edge, the game can be played.

Can a Building card rest on the surface it is being played on?

No building card should touch the surface of what the game is being played on.

Does this game endorse goats dying?

No, absolutely not. We LOVE goats and all animals. The game is for all players to look after Mave and help Mave from falling off the path.

The loser is the person that isn’t able to help Mave stay on it’s feet. Save Mave!

Daare to be wild

Why is the recommended age 17 and up?

Younger kids and families can come up with fun dares of their own, but the dares in this game are for a more mature audience. Parents can decide if the material is appropriate.

Why are there empty cards?

We thought you might have your own dares to add to the game play so we included a few empty cards for you to fill in yourself. Enjoy! We would love to see what wacky dares you are using with your friends. Send an image via the form on our leaderboard –